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Are you looking for a particular book? Tiger and Clay, The Cloud Singer, Three Days in Damascus, Supinely Sublimely, Notes on a Page, Playing with the pieces, In the Alyscamps, Water and Wonder, Raft of Puffins, Sadness and Solidarity, Letterpress Poets Anthology, A Luminous Man, Travelling East by Road and Soul, Travels of a Spider

Tiger and Clay - Syria Fragments

Moving collection of poetry and memoir by Rana Abdulfattah, a young Syrian woman writing in exile in Istanbul. In the collection, Rana charts the destructive effects of never being permitted to go home, and takes the reader on her emotional journey towards a measure of peace

You can order a copy for £8.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9955351-2-1. Please contact us at
enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk if you have any delivery queries

Front cover of Tiger and Clay
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Cloud Singer, book 1 of Reins of Power

Young adult futuristic fantasy by Camilla Reeve, published in 2014 on Kindle, now available in paperback.
In 2060, with the UK politically isolated and wracked by violent storms, join 15-year old Neligan Talent, reluctant weather-witch, as she battles for survival against smugglers and corrupt isolationist politicians.

You can order the paperback for £7.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-1-78610-796-1 or download the Kindle version ISBN 978-0-9556770-9-0 Cloud Singer on Kindle Please contact us at enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk if you have any delivery queries

Front cover of Cloud Singer Kindle e-book
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Three Days in Damascus

Kim Schultz's memoir of an unexpected love affair in the middle of the refugee crisis - November 2016
Writer, actor and refugee advocate, in 2009 Kim Schultz travelled to the Middle East as an artist/activist to meet with Iraqi refugees, forever changing her life. Three Days in Damascus follows her 3 year fight for a chance at love with an Iraqi refugee whom she met for 3 days in Syria and was never supposed to fall in love with. The memoir shares authentic Iraqi refugee stories, a whirlwind Middle Eastern romance and the consequently doomed, intercontinental relationship told through texts and emails - all with civil war, revolution and an arranged marriage as the backdrop.

You can order a copy for £10.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9955351-0-7 or download the Kindle version. ISBN 978-0-9955351-1-4. Please contact us at enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk if you have any delivery queries

Front cover of Three Days in Damascus
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Supinely Sublimely

Marion Michell's beautiful collection of textlings - carefully crafted and tightly focused prose - is illustrated with her own artwork - November 2016
The writing in this prose collection surges off the page giving glimpses of a life bent out of shape by M.E. and P.O.T.S., debilitating and little understood diseases. Her words sizzle with the suppressed energy of an adventurous spirit. Tom Shakespeare, Professor of Disability at Norwich writes: "In the tradition of Fernando Pessoa and William Soutar, Marion Michell writes from her bed and takes us on journeys with language which leave us enriched. Concision may be forced on her, but it generates memorable distillation of the experience of illness, which will be familiar to anyone who has endured a health problem." 
You can order a copy for £8.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9556770-7-6 or download the Kindle version. ISBN 978-0-9556770-8-3. Please contact us at enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk if you have any delivery queries

Front cover of Supinely Sublimely
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Notes on a Page

Notes on a Page is the first anthology by She Voices Women Writers based in Richmond-upon-Thames and their guests - December 2016
Meditations, memoir, glimpses of history, a peek into a futuristic world, poetry and song lyrics to stir the heart, tales of daring and short stories showcase the talent of women who share the joy of writing to both explore their true selves and to work for wider social justice. These writers share a strong feminist agenda and their work is at turns funny, angry and very moving. It is being published collaboratively by Palewell Press and Dark Mourne Press
You can order a copy for £6.99 (excluding postage) from .

Front cover of Notes on a Page
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Playing with the pieces

Nick Alldridge's first poetry collection charts his struggle against depression, dealing sensitively with the ups and downs in his search for recovery - 2016
Anyone who has experienced mental health issues will know how ‘playing with the pieces’ feels. Nick Alldridge’s poems explore everything from the raw emotions of losing control "crawling...like moths through lighter fuel" to the simple honesty of "I am depressed." These poems are unafraid to talk about serious issues and feelings and will hopefully encourage others to share their problems with family, friends and colleagues. This is a book that will comfort anyone who has experienced mental problems themselves or in those they care about.
You can buy a copy for £8.99 (excluding postage). ISBN 978-0-9556770-3-8

Front cover of Playing with the pieces
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In the Alyscamps

Derek Summers's second poetry collection with an unashamed social and political commitment - 2016
A committed European, Derek Summers writes poems which reflect his extensive, enthusiastic travels, from St Petersburg to Van Gogh's Haarlem, from Hornchurch to St Honorat’s chapel in the Alyscamps at Arles. In this, his second collection, he pursues his fascination with the contrasts between English and French language and culture. Fans of Derek's previous collection - Brevities - will be delighted to find that In the Alyscamps contains the same sincerity, honesty and compassion. There is humour and lyricism in Derek's lines, and a luminous pictorial clarity. Finding consolations amid conflict – whether internal or external – is difficult at the best of times. Sharing them eloquently is even more so.
You can buy a copy for £6.99 (excluding postage). ISBN 978-0-9556770-5-2

Front cover of In the Alyscamps
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Water and Wonder

Poetry pamphlet anthology - on the theme of Water - from Wordshare Poets, 2nd expanded edition 2016 (1st edition 2012)
Water is a frequent source of inspiration for the Wordshare Poets. In Jane Sherwin’s writing, images of water often symbolise the human spirit in search of freedom or spiritual fulfilment. Much of Jenny Messer's poetry is linked to Cornwall where, over history, the sea has shaped people’s lives. Camilla Reeve is fascinated by the musical sounds and moods produced by water. The Spear Homelessness Charity in Richmond supports homeless people in South and West London in finding secure accomodation and building a positive future.
You can buy a copy for £4.50 (excluding postage) of which £1.50 is donated to Spear. ISBN 978-0-9556770-2-1.

Front cover of Water and Wonder
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Raft of Puffins

Poetry pamphlet by Camilla Reeve about Skomer Island and illustrated with wildlife photographs, published in 2016.
Over several years, Camilla volunteered as an Assistant Warden on Skomer wildlife sanctuary off the coast of Pembrokeshire. In this collection she celebrates the landscape of a natural nature reserve - with its birds, moths, voles, flowers, Iron Age valleys and standing stones.
You can buy a copy for £5.50 (excluding postage) ISBN 978-0-9556770-2-1

Front cover of Raft of Puffins
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In Sadness and Solidarity

Poetry pamphlet anthology - on the theme of Human Rights - from Wordshare Poets, published in 2016.
Wordshare Poets - Jane Sherwin, Jenny Messer and Camilla Reeve - are all committed to human rights. Keen to do more than just feel compassion for those caught up in the appalling refugee/asylum-seeking situation, they're sharing their concerns through poetry. Proceeds go to the Freedom from Torture charity who use gardening and other therapies to help rehabilitate refugees who have arrived in the UK after suffering torture.
You can buy a copy for £4.50 (excluding postage) of which £1.50 is donated to Freedom from Torture. ISBN 978-0-9556770-1-4

Front cover of In Sadness and Solidarity
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Letterpress Poets Anthology

First anthology of poems by the Letterpress Poets, published in 2015.
Reviewer, Daljit Nagra, writes: "These poets offer a newness of approach and a freshness of attitude ... I hope you enjoy this anthology as much as I did!"
You can purchase a copy for £8.99 (excluding postage). ISBN 978-1-326-38531-6

Front cover of Letterpress Poets Anthology
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A Luminous Man

Pamphlet poetry anthology, published in 2013, celebrating the life of Muir Hunter who died in 2008.
Muir's wife, Gillian Petrie Hunter, and daughter, Camilla Reeve, chart his life as a poet, barrister and humanitarian, from helping refugees in the Spain during the Civil War through missions for Amnesty and courtroom battles in the UK to the work he and Gillian did to help build up cancer hospices in Poland and Kenya. As Camilla writes: "my father is a passionate man, he cares./Let me share with you his recipe for justice."
You can buy a copy for £4.50 (excluding postage) of which £1.50 is donated to the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher

Front cover of A Luminous Man
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Travelling East by Road and Soul

Second poetry collection by Camilla Reeve, published in 2009 by Flipped Eye and also available through Palewell Press.
Following the lines of longitude around the planet, from London through Kosovo, the Middle East, Africa, China and the Americas, Camilla's poems look at how people's experiences differ depending on where they live.
You can buy a copy for £8.99 (excluding postage). ISBN 978-1-905233-22-9

Front cover of Travelling East by Road and Soul
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Travels of a Spider

Debut poetry collection by Camilla Reeve, published in 2006.
This debut collection includes passionate poems on human rights, war and the environment as well as other work - some funny, some lyrical - in praise of the natural world. Born in London, Camilla's poetry returns often to the city's problems of homelessness, pollution, noise, and isolation within the crowd.
You can buy a copy for £6.99 (excluding postage). ISBN 978-095567-700-7

Front cover of Travels of a Spider
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